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I like books a lot - not so surprising, anyone on BookLikes probably does. Since book blogs helped me a great deal (what to read, what's new, what books can be recommended if you like reading about a particular subject etc.) I decided to start one myself. On First Some Fiction you'll find reviews as well as recommendations and other bookish stuff for lots of different genres because even though I have my preferences I tend to pick up "the occasional random book" that turns out to be surprisingly good...cue a post!

She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

She Is Not Invisible - Marcus Sedgwick

she is not invisible by marcus sedgwick


Title: She Is Not Invisible
Author: Marcus Sedgwick
ISBN: 978 1 78062 134 0
Published by: Indigo


What's on the back:
Two dried mice.
A fluffy raven called Stan.
A suicidal Austrian biologist...
Is it coincidence or something more sinister that draws them together? Many strange things collide in Laureth Peak's life one hot August weekend. Perhaps strangest of all is the way her dad had been acting lately And now he's disappeared. It looks as if his obsession with coincidence might have fatal consequences.

As Laureth sets off for New York with her strange younger brother, Benjamin, she has little faith in herself. But she has a burning determination to find her missing father. She has just one clue to follow; his notebook.

Does it contain salvation, or madness?

My reading experience:

Before I read this book I'd never heard of Marcus Sedgwick before. However, I have to confess that I did find She Is Not Invisible on another (Dutch) bookblog. That review left me quite curious, so when I came across this book in Waterstones I didn't hesitate and bought it; I'm glad I did!
While reading I concluded that She Is Not Invisible is one of those peculiar books that are a bit different. Don't worry, I mean this in a good way! Of course I'll explain:
One of the first things you learn in chapter one is that Laureth is blind. (Now, this information was not on the back of my copy nor was it on the front of the cover or mentioned in any of the reviews printed in the book to make you read it. When I did some research I found other blurbs of the story in which Laureth's blindness does get "highlighted". ) I actually liked the fact that it was not mentioned on the back of my copy. Since I'd read the other review I knew the main character would be a blind girl, but if it weren't for that I would've only found out while reading. The reason I thought this to be so great is simple. Never is there a fuss being made about Laureth being blind in this book! Yes, of course she encounters people who react in all different ways to her disability but Laureth herself is pretty cool about it, for someone who can't see a damn thing. It's just a part of who she is and that's one of the things I really liked about She Is Not Invisible.
Secondly, like almost all books this one too contains its share of love. Refreshingly enough, it's not about the romantic kind of love. There's no drama about misunderstandings (well, maybe there is a bit of those...Just not like that) and there's no love triangle. (Hallelujah! Nothing wrong with those, but sometimes you just want to read about something else.) Love in this book is more about family, and since that is very important too I'm happy there is a book like She Is Not Invisible to enjoy!
Also, the story is just seriously interesting. All the stuff about coincidences - I won't say too much about it - I loved it. And the number. Of course the number. 354. *Nods mysteriously. *


Other pros:
+ Again, how the writer describes Laureth's blindness. For example, since she's always been blind she doesn't know what colours are. I'd been wondering about that a few days before, I mean how do you imagine something in your mind's eye if you don't know any colours? And colours are also hard to describe to someone who can't see them...Just think about it!
+ The coincidences that ocurre in the book or really happened and are just used as examples. They managed to make the occasional shiver run down my spine.
+ The cover. Yes, I admit, I tend to judge a book a bit by its cover. But hey, I just appreciate the work some cover artists put in a book (; Anyway, if you take a look at the cover you'll see the face of a girl against a city background which basically representates Laureth in New York. Plus where normally the girl's eyes would've been is the title with the word Invisible printed just a tad bigger. Major hint to blindness!


So why haven't I given this book five stars? Well...I was promised 'an absorbing and fast-paced thriller' or 'a rollercoaster of a thriller'. And although She Is Not Invisible certainly is fast-paced and absorbing, I couldn't help but not see this book as a thriller. Yes, it definitely is about solving a mystery but I experienced it more as a story about a journey. A story which really makes you think, to quote Waterstones.
And sadly the ending seemed a bit abrupt to me. I won't spoil it for you guys but...I think the conclusion just differed from what I expected. With that said, I want to remind everyone that this book is great and I'd encourage you to read it!
In the end I think if you're looking for a thriller you'd still enjoy this. However, if you're looking for "Something Else" you'll enjoy this book even more.